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Free Mortgage advice from an Independent Mortgage Adviser who searches the whole of the Mortgage Market
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.Council right to buy mortgage



The Right to Buy scheme gives eligible council tenants the right to buy their property from their council at a discount

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Debt Consolidation We can Help


Debt Consolidation will replace multiple loans with a single loan, often with a lower monthly payment and a longer repayment period. Debt Consolidation loans for the consolidation of your existing loan debts such as credit cards

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Secured Loans Even with bad credit


Get low APR, any purpose affordable secured loans for homeowners including owners with bad credit history, arrears or CCJ's.

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Commercial Mortgage No accounts needed


We specialise in all types of commercial lending. We have access to all major and specialist lenders and partner with brokers Uk wide, so we can provide the best deal for all types of commercial finance

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First time buyer mortgage


Help for first time home buyers including advice on first time buyers mortgages, shared ownership, gifted deposit and a comprehensive guide to how to buy your first home

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Save Thousands with Remortgage Market . Want to cut the cost your existing mortgage, add debts to it, move house or change the deal

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But To Let Mortgage


Compare all types of UK buy to let products for landlord investors and longer term mortgage investors.

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Why Use a Mortgage Calculator when you can get free advice from an independent mortgage expert ?


Why use a Mortgage Calculator when you can have an independent mortgage expert search the whole of the Mortgage Market for you ?

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Free Independent Mortgage Advice

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  Receive a call from an independent Mortgage Advisers who will search the whole of the Mortgage Market   Get a number of free Mortgage quotes from an Independent Mortgage Advisers  



When you are shopping for mortgages, it goes without saying that you will want to comparison shop. Comparing quotes from various lenders ensures you will get the best deal.

  • Deal with certified, well-established lenders
  • Free, online application
  • Focusing on mortgage solutions - not mortgage problems.
  • No obligation
  • submit an enquiry to receive Independent professional advice and assistance
  • Mortgage lenders compete for your business
  • First time buyers - submit an enquiry for professional Independent advice
  • Mortgage Broker who will help you to obtain a mortgage. 
     CCJ's - there is still a low rate deal available to you.
  • Finance Defaults - Our Independent advisers may still be able to help
  •  Need a fresh start? we give free Independent mortgage advice .
  • If you are threatened by the repossession of your property
     Our Internet Mortgage Service will introduce you to an Independent Mortgage adviser that covers your area.



We use the latest sourcing technology to access the best remortgage & mortgage quotes and rates currently available within the UK. We are not tied to a panel of lenders - this means you get maximum choice. You can speak to one of our experienced mortgage, remortgage or insurance consultants any day of the week from 9.00am until 9.00pm,

Our fee comes from the lenders who pay us for introducing you to them.

We Search the Whole of the Mortgage Market

With Over 22,000 deals from over 400 lenders

it Pays to Speak to an Expert

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We have specialist advisers that can help with a second mortgage which is sometimes referred to as home equity loans or mortgage loan.
We can give a mortgage quote for any type of property from a concrete property to a high rise flat.

The Mortgage Comparison have advisers in the UK that can calculate the right mortgage or remortgage for you without cost or obligation, even if you have a bad credit history.

-----At The Mortgage Comparison all our advisers and Brokers giving Mortgage advice are members of

The Guild Of Independent Mortgage Advisers



There are literally thousands of mortgages to choose from. So  how do we find the best deal that is right for you?

All our Advisers  are fully independent and have the latest mortgage software that searches all mortgage deals on offer, including deals not available to individuals.This  software is updated daily so when a new product comes along we can quickly identify it

Do not make your credit history worse by applying to lenders that are likely to reject your application. As all credit search leaves a footprint, too many searches look bad. We know the  lending criteria of all lenders and can avoid applying for the wrong mortgage.

We’ll take time to understand your circumstances and plans for the future and advice, in plain English, the pros and cons of different mortgage options and how they could affect you.

We Have specialist Advisers that deal with

  • Remortgages
  • First time Buyers
  • Buy To let Mortgages
  • Commercial Mortgages
  • Bad Credit Mortgage
  • iva debt Management
  • ccj ( county Court Judgements )
  • Council Right to buy
  • Secured Loans
  • Home owner loans


Our Expert Mortgage Brokers are just that – experts in Independent Mortgage Advice . They will take the information that you provide us and Search the whole of the Mortgage Market

We Have Independent Mortgage Advisers covering the following areas in the Uk


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Gloucestershire click here
North London click here
East London click here
South London click here
West London click here
Greater Manchester click here
Hampshire click here
Herefordshire click here
Humberside click here
Kent click here


Lake District click here
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Leicestershire click here
Lincolnshire click here
Merseyside click here
Norfolk click here
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Northumberland click here
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Think carefully before securing other debts against your home.
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